Egg and Avocado in : “One Dish to Rule Them All!!”

Hi everyone!
It’s been a long since my last post in English but today I have got something that I really want to share with you!

II always wanted to write something about that kind of food… But I’ve never had  the chance.

Here is the idea of the day:
“One dish to rule them All”
Knekkebrød with Fried Eggs and Rösti Potatoes.
We’ve got carbs, we’ve got proteins, we’ve got fats, we have just to
combine them to have the best taste ever!

Let’s put some music and get ready for the Idea!
I think some Australian Rock and Roll can match with that Dish!


Ingredients (for 2 persons) :

4 Eggs
2 Avocados
2 Potatoes
1/2 Onion
4 Knekkebrød (here is the recepie to make them at home, you can use a slice of bread instead)
2 spoons of Creme Fraiche
1/2 Mango
Just a little bit of Spring Onion
2 table spoon of Peanuts/Pumpkin Seeds mix
Salt, Pepper, Oil



Let’s start with the Avocado Mash :

1) Cut the avocados in half and remove the stone (please do it carefully and with a spoon… Never with a knife!)
2) Remove the pulp ( with a spoon) and put it in a bowl
3) Smash the pulp with a fork and add salt and pepper (if you want you can a bit of lime juice)
4) Put some plastic over the bowl and let it in the fridge.


Now It’s time to make the Rösti:

1) Grate the onion and keep it in a small bowl
2) Grate the potatoes and put them in a dry towel.
3) Squeeze the water out from the potatoes (as much as you can)
4) Add the onion, a table spoon of oil and pinch of salt and pepper and give a good Mix.
5) Pour a little bit of oil in a flat pan and start to warm it up.
6) Scoop from the mix 6/7 portions and start to fry them.
7) When the bottom start to be goldie and crispy give them a turn and to the same.
8) Once the Rosti are ready you can keep them warm in the oven.


Fried eggs

1) To fry the eggs I used the same pan of the Rösti.
2) Warm up the pan and pour some oil if you think the eggs are going to stick on it
3) Fry them based on your taste. (We like them really well done! But you can choose!)


1) Clean the mango and cut it in big chunks.
(that’s was really really EASY hahaha)

Build the dish :

Knekkebrød (or a slice of Bread) in the bottom followed by the Egg and the Avocado mash.

For garnish.

Add a good spoon of Creme Fraiche, some Spring Onion Peanut/Pumpkin Seeds on top of the Avocado mash.
On the side, place the Rösti and the Mango chunks.

Mine looks like this……and yours???

As you can see, this dish is really easy to prepare and will make you feel like a King!!!
I didn’t write too much about salt and pepper just because you can adjust the taste as you prefer!
Hope you like it…
Stay heavy and hungry!!

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